Upgrade your game with eco-friendly period 🩸 swimwear.

Upgrade your game with eco-friendly period 🩸 swimwear.

Our technology absorbs odours and light to moderate bleeding making them the perfect option for a light to moderate flow.

Dive in to period and leak-proof swimwear. Engineered to absorbs up to 2 tampons.

  • 1. Outer layer

    Ultra-resistant, lightweight, stretchy, soft, and breathable. With innovative construction, it's twice as resistant to chlorine, creams, and sunscreens; dries three times faster compared to ordinary swimwear.


    A super fine waterproof mesh that prevents moisture from seeping through, maintaining the quality and natural feel of a regular swimsuit.


    The internal layer efficiently absorbs moisture, preventing it from reaching the outer layers of the swimsuit. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to worry-free beach days.


    A lining made from the softest and most breathable materials, ensuring it's gentle on your skin without causing irritations or allergies.

Our materials

Our materials

Maiswim’s creations are focused on a sustainable compromise with the ocean. We carefully selected our fabrics from Econyl, made from waste and infinitely recyclable. 

For us, this means the freedom to create our eco-friendly period swimwear collection. For you, this means freedom to enjoy your day at the beach worry-free.

Step 1: Give your maiSwim a wash before wearing it to activate the gusset, maximizing its capacity.

Step 2: Rinse in cold water (below 30ÂşC) after each use. Avoid soaking and continue rinsing until the water runs clear.

Step 3: When it's time for a complete wash, opt for a cold cycle, preferably using delicate laundry bags.

Step 4: Hang to dry. Reuse and repeat! Feel the deep connection to
 the planet.