The Regeneration System

The Regeneration System
Introducing maiSwim, a sustainable swimwear brand that embodies the principles of environmental consciousness and menstrual health. maiSwim utilizes ECONYL®, a regenerated nylon made from rescued materials such as ghost fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet flooring, and industrial plastic, which are collected from oceans and landfills worldwide. By incorporating ECONYL® into their swimwear, maiSwim not only contributes to the protection of ocean environments but also helps prevent unnecessary waste accumulation.

The first step in the maiSwim process is the rescue of various discarded materials. These include abandoned ghost fishing nets, fabric scraps from mills, carpet flooring, and industrial plastic, all of which are gathered from oceans and landfills globally. This crucial initiative safeguards the ocean ecosystems by removing harmful fishing nets that can trap and harm marine life. Moreover, it prevents the unnecessary disposal of valuable resources by salvaging materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.

After the rescue phase, the collected nylon waste undergoes a radical regeneration and purification process. This process transforms the nylon back to its original purity, resulting in regenerated nylon of the same high quality as virgin nylon. The use of ECONYL® eliminates the traditional method of deriving nylon from oil, thereby reducing CO2 emissions and dependence on crude oil barrels.

Next, the ECONYL® regenerated nylon is transformed into textile yarn for the fashion industry and carpet yarn for the interior industry. This yarn serves as the foundation for creating new fabrics and materials that designers can utilize in their creations. By incorporating ECONYL® into their designs, maiSwim showcases the endless possibilities of reimagining waste materials.

With ECONYL® regenerated nylon, designers have the power to breathe new life into once-discarded items. This innovative material allows them to unleash their creativity and create swimwear that is not only sustainable but also fashionable. By embracing MaiSwim's ethos, individuals can make a conscious choice to support a brand that combines sustainability, fashion, and menstrual health, ultimately contributing to a healthier planet.